Open-Mind Interiors has carefully selected the manufacturer partners that we feel best suit our core values and service expectations. We have focused on choosing high quality products that are flexible, durable and give you a great return on your furniture investment.

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Altos provides a perfect balance of form and function as well as the following benefits:

  • Understated Design – clean, crisp European aesthetic.
  • Functionality – fully moveable, modular wall system.
  • Integration – interfaces with building architecture and integrates with furniture products.
  • Sustainability – reusable parts promote environmental responsibility.
  • Acoustics/Performance – offers both sound-blocking and sound-absorbing properties.
  • Return on Investment – easily reconfigured components translate to low cost of ownership.
  • Technology – clear wall cavity accepts hard-wired and quick-disconnect electrical systems and allows voice and data to be accessed easily any time
  • Leasing Options – Altos walls can be leased for additional tax benefits

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Teknion’s Altos Walls

Altos is an innovative architectural wall system designed with clean, crisp lines to harmonize with building interiors designed by Teknion. Low profile, anodized frames create a sleek modern aesthetic. Combining finishes such as laminate, veneer, glass and fabric allows this recongfigurable wall system to suit any interior space.

Simple and efficient, Altos facilitates cost-effective reconfiguration or full relocation as required. Its unique universal framework allows changes in elevation, dimension, fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.

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