Project: Generator

Although it housed an extremely innovative graphic design and advertising team, Generator’s location was not a very inspiring environment with virtually no access to natural light and private offices sprawled throughout the space.

Through a series of think-tank session, we worked closely with the Generator team to get an idea of how they wanted to work and how they wanted their clients to feel when they walked in. Ultimately, a new space was acquired which had a smaller footprint, provided an open work environment, and had an abundance of natural light. Teknion Altos demountable walls were installed to create private offices for management, a large boardroom, and small private meeting spaces referred to as “enclaves”.

Custom workstations with lower height panels were designed based on the information gathered during the meetings with the graphic design and sales teams. Everyone now works together in close proximity and collaboration is easier than ever. We’re thrilled that Generator is happier and healthier in their new space!

Design Consultant
Open-Mind Interiors