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Is your business strait-laced or far out? Whatever your vibe is, regardless of the size, we have the supplier hook-ups needed to put it on full display. We focus on Canadian made and designed products first and foremost. We have great relationships with our suppliers who give us great support and although we aren’t tree-huggers, we believe that you can build a beautiful, state-of-the-art workspace using sustainable products. You supply the space and we can provide all the interior elements from the floors, the walls and the furniture to bring your space to life.

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Forward Thinking

Need to make changes to your workplace happen quickly and affordably? Did you know that you can lease demountable walls, furniture, LED lighting and even carpet tile? Open Mind Interiors has partnered with the best in the business to offer our clients project leasing for furniture and fixtures. Their approval process is simple and offers flexible terms. Why use up your capital budget to outfit your new office when you can lease instead?

What are the benefits to LEASING? 

  • Maintain your company cash flow
  • Make larger changes at once for overall savings
  • Lease payments can be part of an operating budget instead of a capital budget
  • Can be depreciated over 7.5 years vs 39 years for fixed construction
Beautiful office furniture installation by Open Mind Interiors