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We are Workspace Consultants

That’s a fancy way of saying we are really good at telling you how to design your workspace to make it better. Better for you, better for your staff, better for your bottom line and better for getting things done. Simply put, we’re all about making you and your staff healthier and happier at work.

You may be thinking:

“We just need new desks.”

Cool, we can do that too – but maybe, just maybe, there’s a bigger picture that can be explored. It might be worth a chat. We’re OpenMind. Let’s talk about your space.

We are

Our designs are not just lines on paper to us. Each member of our team knows what it takes to fully realize a workspace.

We are

Change management is a huge part of what we do. Trends change. Spaces change. People change. We’ll make sure you’re ready for it.

We are
Environmentally aware

We prioritize products that are Canadian-made, reusable and have a “green story.”

We are

Clients and partners have an open invitation to our process. We work together with clients, designers, architects, suppliers, contractors and installers to create beautifully functional spaces.

We are

We absorb everything about our clients’ day-to-day processes and needs and we let them inspire our designs.

We are

We entertain the ideas that most people don’t think of and that some are afraid of.

OMI Team
Stacey from Open Mind Interiors

Stacey Strey

Partner - Design and Sales

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Andre from Open Mind Interiors

Andre St. Jacques

Partner - Sales and Service

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Christine from Open Mind Interiors

Christine Welburn

Sales Coordinator

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OMI specifier Kirsten

Kirsten Novak

Furniture Specifier

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Keri Labate-Simpson

Sales Consultant


Maddison Kennedy



Moe Imam

Certified Installer


Matt Carrick

Certified Installer

OMI Team