Noisy Office? Shhhh… we got you. Whether you require sound absorption, increased privacy, or sound masking to block unwanted distractions, we have you covered.  We are here to help with your office acoustics!

Ask us which acoustic system is right for your office...

Baffles & Clouds

Providing a 3-dimensional vibrant ceiling and absorbing unwanted noise, the Baffle Cloud system is an easy to install acoustical solution available in various styles and forms.

Panels & Dividers

Acoustic panels come in all sizes, shapes and colours, providing nearly endless design options while taking care of the unwanted noise at the same time! Dividers provide sound absorption while helping with wayfinding and establishing zones within your space.

Acoustical Nets

Acoustical Net is the completely customizable solution for excessively reverberant and acoustically demanding open ceiling environments. It can follow any form to encapsulate the visual space and envelope the audible spectrum.

Conference Room

Conference Room Systems are a steam-lined toolkit for tuning a perfect meeting room. A simple “snap and play” system featuring a customizable acoustic canopy and embedded LED linear light fixture. Featuring sustainable Canadian hardwoods and natural felt.

Sound Masking

Sound masking improves speech privacy and confidentiality between offices separated only by modular partitions. It significantly improves the acoustical performance of movable walls without compromising their core virtues, flexibility and aesthetics.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This brief video explains everything you need to know about our sound masking system and what it can help you achieve for your workspace.