Architectural Products

Why build with modular wall systems? Because it just makes sense! People and businesses grow, change, and move. Demountable walls ensure you’re always ready to adjust to new situations. Repurposing your wall systems means you eliminate wasted material and wasted budget. Planning for flexibility is the way of the future, so start now!


Altos is our “work horse” when it comes to architectural wall systems. It has been designed for maximum functionality while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Altos is simple and efficient and allows for cost-effective moves or changes as required. Whether you need solid demising walls or glass storefronts, this system can do it all!

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Tek Vue

Are you looking for a seamless glass wall? Then, Tek Vue is for you. Tek Vue is a glass office-front system that features single-centered glass and thin profile frames. It integrates with both conventional construction as well as with other Teknion wall systems. Tek Vue is easy to install, flexible and is clearly beautiful.

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Within is a simple post and beam system that creates a “space with a space”. This system can be used to build more open, casual places to meet and gather or by mixing Altos or Tek Vue walls within this structure to create enclosed areas. The ways you can use this system are endless! Need to add a Zoom Room? Within has you covered.

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Architectural Complements

Add some “cool” to your glass walls with Architectural Complements. This decorative mullion system can be added in a variety of styles and colours to elevate the look of your glass walls. Mullions bring a customized look to typical glass – you can create all sorts of vertical and horizontal patterns. Design is in the details.

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Tek Booth

Is your loud neighbour driving you crazy? Let us introduce you to Tek Booth. This glorified phone booth can give your team the privacy and comfort they want when making confidential calls or doing focused work. The Booth is designed to ensure sound isolation while providing power, lighting and ventilation for optimal productivity.

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Tek Room

Why build more meeting rooms when you can add a Tek Room anywhere? Tek Room allows individuals or small groups to work when focus, privacy and comfort are needed. The Room itself comes ready to go and you can choose what furniture to add to make this a great meeting space or a private lounge.

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Build Better

Open Mind Interiors is the only fully certified demountable walls dealership in Northern Ontario. Our designers are trained to draw and specify all Teknion wall systems and our installers have been through rigorous on-site training to become certified to install them. Our team has worked with many clients throughout our region to install hundreds of kilometers of demountable walls. We’re ready to build more…

Beautiful boardroom with Teknion Tek Vue and Complements