Commercial Flooring

Your floor is a blank palette just waiting to make a design statement in your space. By creatively mixing flooring materials, such as carpet tile, luxury vinyl and rubber, we can help you get more out of your floor. Modular flooring designs can help you express your brand, define departments, provide wayfinding and change the feel of a space. We have partnered with Interface exclusively to provide the best products at the best price with the right warranty in our market. Let our design team help you create a unique floor to bring form and function together beautifully.

Carpet Tile

Get more out of your floor! Here are just some of the benefits of using modular carpet tile: they are sustainable, durable and versatile, they can improve indoor air quality and offer superior acoustics, they are quick to install and easy to replace, you can use carpet tile and LVT together without transition strips. Need we say more?

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Our LVT vinyl floor tiles are modular, acoustic and so versatile! They have a high quality finish, making them ideal for commercial and corporate environments. Designed to enable creative designs that make an impact – they come in so many patterns and colours, are very durable and easy to install.

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Rubber Flooring

Rubber floor coverings are made of high quality natural and industrial rubbers. Mixed with minerals from natural sources, the elastic properties of the finished material, does not require plasticizers and will never need to be coated. Basically, if you need a virtually indestructible, health compatible floor – this is it!

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Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl products create beautiful, high performance spaces. Vinyl sheet flooring is the perfect solution for healthcare and other high traffic areas that require easy maintenance, stain and slip resistance, seamless installation and superior durability.

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We care about our climate

Flooring and traditional building materials in general, have been overloading our landfills for years. Open Mind has made a conscious decision to partner exclusively with Interface, as our flooring supplier, because of their overwhelming commitment to sustainability. Interface has led the way in reducing the carbon footprint of their products and manufacturing. Using recycled fishing net fibres for new carpet tile and recycling flooring at the end of its life are just a few ways they are helping to make our planet greener. You can help too – buy sustainable, recycle and reuse.

Want a “feel good moment”? – Watch this!

Interface carpet tile install at NWO Innovation centre