Furniture & Seating

They say you won’t work a day in your life, if you love what you do…you should also love where you do it! Let Open Mind Interiors work with you to understand how furniture can improve your team’s productivity and drive collaboration. We take the time to understand our clients’ challenges and goals, so we can we provide creative, effective furniture solutions that work for you. Let us help you think outside the proverbial box.

Lounge Seating

The modern office is as comfortable as it is functional. Our lounge setting help create a space where your staff actually want to hang out in.

Desks & Workstations

Your workstation is like a second home and it should be a place where you and your team feel comfortable. Our desk systems are completely customizable and fit the unique way you want to work.

Work Chairs

Do you feel any mild pain or discomfort throughout your day and brush it off as normal? Your chair has a lot to do with that discomfort and, no, it isn’t normal. Your office chair selection is the first step in creating a more ergonomic work day.

Filing & Storage

We can almost hear you through the screen: “A filing cabinet is a filing cabinet,” “There’s not such thing as organization perfection.” Well challenge accepted.

Ergonomic Tools

There is a bit of a misconception around ergonomics. Of course, you’ve heard of ergonomic chairs and desks. However, ergonomics is largely a methodology around how you use these optimal products – we have the tools needed to revolutionize the way you work.

Collaborative Furniture

Your furniture at home is for relaxing. Your furniture at the office is for getting things done. Our team will introduce you to how the right products can transform the culture within your office to a fully collaborative one.


Boardroom tables, high tables, coffee tables, break room tables, end tables – the point is one table definitely does not fit all. You tell us what your space is missing and we’ll find the right table to fill the void.


Do you need to keep your team apart while together in the office? We’ve got all sorts of screen options available to keep your staff and customer safe. From mobile panels to reception screens, we’ve got what you need.

People powered

Furniture is built for people. Workspaces where people can feel welcome and comfortable, connected and empowered will allow employees to do their best work. The right furniture solution should fit who they are, who they want to be and what they do. Having your people involved in our process can increase their team spirit, reinforce their commitment and keep them smiling. We listen to your people first – then get to design and products. Happy employees = good employees!