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Case Study: Open Mind Interiors helps Ignite Behaviour with their sound

Sorry, you’re going to have to speak louder…

Unwanted background noise can be a real nuisance. Not only can a noisy environment lead to a loss in productivity, It can also create real health issues such as high blood pressure and hypertension.

Studies show that as much as 21 minutes a day is lost per employee due to work place distractions.  Open Mind Interiors has the tools and knowledge needed to educate you on the right solution for your space.

ABC: Absorb, Block, Control.

That is the fundamentals behind dealing with acoustics in a workspace.  Depending on the issues you are experiencing, there are different methods to combat poor acoustic performance.

Absorb: best option for dealing with long reverberation times.  We will come up with the best product and placement of sound absorbing materials to help absorb that unwanted noise.

Known Problem Areas: Boardrooms, Open Office, Gymnasiums

Block: This is usually part of the design phase of the building.  Some examples would be the use of walls, cubicles, doors and hallways to block sound.  When trying to block sound transmission the use of insulation, air gaps, resilient channels and other specialty materials are commonly used in construction.

Control:  Sound Masking allows us to implement a controlled background noise which greatly reduces the distraction radius for each employee.  When we can limit the distance that intelligible speech can travel, we can reduce distractions which makes for a more comfortable and productive employee.  When sound masking is calibrated properly you will never know it’s even there! (except for a more comfortable workplace)

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