We’re all feeling it. The shorter and darker days, the bleak outdoors… it is completely natural for winter to affect our mood. But just because it’s dreary outside, it doesn’t mean it needs to be on the inside too! Well-being, productivity, and creativity can all be promoted through the use of colour. Often, the importance of colour is forgotten when offices are designed – corporate spaces are infamously known for using dull, neutral colours, which can get boring fast. But with science backing up the positive powers of colour, why wouldn’t you want to create a space that your employees feel good and do their best in?

There are many things to consider when choosing which colours to incorporate into your office. It can get overwhelming – both the process of figuring out colour schemes, and the fear of your office becoming too vibrant if you go overboard! But designing energized, flexible spaces is a skill that we have perfected here at Open Mind, so here are some tips and things we think you should consider when incorporating colour in an office.

How can the colours chosen help refine your brand, both to your employees and to others entering your office?

First, it is important to take time to think about your brand, and how this could be reflected in the space. Being intentional with the use of colour can have impressive impacts on the mood and energy that you cultivate. Ask yourself: how can the colours chosen help refine your brand, both to your employees and to others entering your office?

For example, blue can spark creativity, so if this is a trait that you value in your workspace, perhaps this is a colour you would consider incorporating into your interior design. On the other hand, a dark shade of blue can invoke too much calmness into a space you want to build excitement and energy. And let’s not forget our favourite culprit – bright white – which can portray perfection and illumination, but can also make a space look cold and uninviting if overused.

An intentional use of colour is key to keeping your workspace from feeling uninspiring. Pick two to three non-neutral colours that look good together, and then you can use different shades of these colours or different types of finishes (glossy, matte, textured, etc…) to create variation and interest. Don’t forget, it’s not just the colour itself that is important, but its intensity as well – different shades can have different effects.


A playful way to incorporate colour without having to worry if you’re “overdoing” it is through flooring. We offer hundreds of gorgeous, high-quality carpet tile options that you can’t go wrong with! With a neutral base and pops of colour woven into the patterns, this is a great choice for updating your space and bringing life back into it.

Office Furniture

Keep in mind, coming up with a colour palette or mood board before starting your design can be very helpful, and will guide you when it comes to selecting things like office furniture or accent wall colours. Don’t be afraid to play around with colour combinations! Too much of a single colour can feel overpowering, and could even end up dating your office. We offer a wide variety of office furniture that allows our clients to build the kind of workspace that best suits them – all modern, comfortable, and, of course, with multiple fabric and colour options!

Now, you might be wondering what colours elicit what feelings, so that you can make all these decisions. Here are some facts about common colours:

Blue – Elicits honesty, creativity, and innovation. Great for areas where people are constantly coming up with new ideas, and pairs well with a lot of neutral, earthy tones.
Green – Connected to calmness and recovery. It is said that green is best for offices where people work long hours, and can even improve vision! Greens and blues go great together, and can easily be used to modernize the feel of a space while still producing calming effects.
Yellow – While bright yellow can bring freshness, joy, and warmth to a space, dark yellow can age and darken it, so be careful! Yellow is used best as an accent colour in our opinion, so perhaps you could use it in throw pillows or in artwork.
Orange – Promotes enthusiasm, strength, and communication. A playful colour, orange is a great and unique choice that can add a great vibe to your office. However, be sure to not overdo it – too much orange can hurt the eyes, and might look a bit unrefined.
Red – A strong colour, red can elicit both positive and negative feelings. Some things associated with red are power, attention, and superiority. Because of its powerful effect, red works best in a space as an accent colour!
Grey – While grey can be used to modernize a space and is a great base colour, it is said that overusing it can promote feelings of burnout and decrease productivity in an office space!
White – Like mentioned before, a white paint colour can be a great way to brighten a space. But, to bring some warmth back and to avoid your space looking sterile, consider a beige or cream for your walls instead.

The goal is always to make your space inviting for your employees and guests. Being up north with long winters, a warm and inviting office environment boosts morale and productivity.

Adding colour to your space doesn’t have to be a major project – it can be as simple as painting a few walls, updating a few of your furnishings, or adding some accent chairs to your lounge area. But we get it, there’s a lot of things to consider – and that’s why we’re here to help.

Contact us at Open Mind any time to get an opinion on incorporating colours in your office space or to set up a consultation on any office space.