Open Mind Interiors is proud to announce our partnership with Soft dB – Sound Masking systems for Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

soft db sound masking available at open mind interiors

We have been looking for the perfect compliment to go with the new beautiful open collaborative work spaces and demountable wall systems that we are currently offering our clients.  The search is over.

What is Sound Masking?

Chances are you’ve overhead a workplace conversation that you weren’t supposed to.  Today’s modern office is usually an open plan environment with lots of windows, glass partitions and hard surfaces.  While they are beautiful, they are not great for controlling sound or speech privacy.

Collaborative open work space is not great for speech privacy

When the background noise is too low in an office it can also create a problem.  Even a pencil dropping can become a distraction in an overly quiet work environment.  To address this problem we can implement a sound masking system.  Through the use of a loud speaker system, the speakers will emit an soft “pink noise” which gets calibrated to each room to match the desired speech privacy frequency curve.

Soft dB sound masking systems by Open Mind Interiors

Sound masking makes undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible.

By reducing the radius of distraction around each employee, Sound masking helps block those unwanted distractions.

This leads to a more productive work place; Employees who are able to concentrate better with less distractions.


Example of an ideal sound masking system layout



What makes our system unique?

1) Real time adaptive real-time volume adjustment. By placing a sensor in the ceiling in an open plan setting, the system will listen to the overall background noise and adjust the sound masking in real-time!

2) Automated Calibration & Equalization Process. Our sound masking technology allows for precise spectrum tuning based on the unique attributes of each work environment.

Sound Masking is the ultimate cost effective solution to help with speech privacy.

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For other sound control issues please check out the acoustics section of our website!