Naava Living green wall by Open Mind Interiors

Biophilia.. What the hell does that mean?

Well, in short Biophilia is the positive feeling that human beings get when surrounded by nature. Take a walk or a hike in our fantastic Northern Ontario backdrop and you’ll feel what I’m talking about in a hurry.

Science has proven the positive health effects of feeling “one with nature” and there are many ways in which we can bring the outside into the modern office.

1) Living Green Walls

Not a normal Green Wall!

The Naava Healthtech Green Wall (pictured above) reconnects office workers with nature, creating happier, healthier and more inspiring workplaces. More than a beautiful living wall, it is scientifically proven to naturalize indoor air, reduce harmful chemicals and optimize humidity. The wall is also an efficient biological air purifier and space divider that brings the benefits of nature indoors and can contribute to WELL certification.

Available in multiple configurations, including single and dual sided. Single sided green walls can have a whiteboard or markerboard included on the back from even more versatility.

The Naava Healthtech Green Wall is part of a new venture between Teknion and Naava, a Finnish health technology company founded in 2012.


2) Incorporating plants into space design

Another way to enjoy nature in the workplace is to rethink some of our product design. Teknion makes it very easy to customize any piece of furniture to incorporate planters. We’ve put together a few of our favourites for you!


3) Biophilic Carpet Tile designs

By consciously including nature in interior or architectural design, we are unconsciously reconnecting, bringing the great outdoors into our constructed world.

By using “Biomimicry” which is using nature as inspiration to create design, we can find many ways to bring the outdoors in.  From moss covered cobble stone, to bright blue designs inspired by the oceans, anything is possible.

Did you Know?

Interface has been on a mission to hit net zero since 1994 and has done so!  Not only are their carpet tiles made from 100% recycled fishing nets from the ocean, they are using the left over carbon from harvested crops to use in their tile backing!


Contact your OMI sales rep to find out how we can incorporate nature into your space!