As COVID-19 restrictions continue being lifted, many workplaces are preparing for staff’s return to the office. Inevitably, office spaces are likely in need of office furniture and seating updates to accommodate the changes that have taken place over the past two years.

While some people may be excited to return to seeing their colleagues in-person, while others may be hesitant to leave the comforts of home. Here are 3 ways companies and organizations can prepare to welcome their employees back into the workplace.

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1. Invest in Comfortable Workstations

Think back to March 2020 when teams abruptly abandoned the boardrooms and turned to taking Zoom meetings from their living rooms. Employees worked on any surface they had available to them at home from kitchen tables to coffee tables and even bedroom dressers, ultimately risking ergonomic injuries.

After realizing that “unprecedented times” would last longer than the predicted two weeks of remote work, many employees invested in proper office desks and workstations to reduce the ergonomic risk factors associated with the use of improper equipment, and to find peace in their workdays.

Most workers adapted and found comfort in their at-home workstations and, for the most part, may return to the office reluctantly. Employers are now faced with the seemingly daunting task of providing comfortable and safe workstations in the office.

To ease the transition of employees back into the workplace, employers should be investing in comfortable, ergonomic and appealing workstations. Plus, a beautiful and comfortable office space boosts employee productivity and job satisfaction.

At Open Mind Interiors, we can assist you in designing such a space. We sell high quality desks and office workstations. But, what is a desk without a computer chair?

2. Grab a Chair!

After working virtually from home on the computer for two years, most staff are likely in need of ergonomic tools to reduce the risk of injury. Most critical is having a work chair with armrests and adjustable height. People are built differently, so their desk chair must be able to accommodate individual body shapes, sizes, and preferences.

Above and beyond that are small factors that promote comfort for workers who spend their day at their computer. For example, our computer chairs with breathable mesh are both sleek and comfortable. Who said form and function can’t coexist?

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3. Plan to Adapt With  Modular Systems

In addition to an ergonomic workstation, frontline staff may feel more comfortable returning to the office knowing that their safety when working with the public comes first. Your reception desk should be revamped to include a barrier between the staff member and members of the public who may enter your space.

And as restrictions change, your office space may need to continuously adapt, so it’s vital to have items with modular elements that are easy to move, reconfigure and adjust. For example, our demountable glass walls ensure you’re always ready to adjust to new situations without wasted material and wasted budget. Planning for flexibility is the way of the future, so start now!

Welcome Your Employees Back Into the Workplace

Through the pandemic, employees adapted to change and many of them might be reluctant to return to the office for various reasons from personal comfort to safety concerns. It’s time to set your employees minds at ease and invest in their comfort and safety when welcoming them back to the office. Allow us to assist you in setting up your “new normal” office space – we’d be delighted to help. Simply call or email us and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your needs. We’re always available for a consultation or to answer any questions you may have.


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