Over the past two years, we have become alienated from our office space—and we’ve been loving it! It seems the only perk of the pandemic is that we traded in our dull and public cubicle for the personalized comforts of the home office. But now, the mass exodus has begun, and offices are starting to teem with life again. Teknion Architectural Wall products offered by Open Mind Interiors can help modernize your building’s interior to bring some of the comforts and luxuries of home into the office.

Teknion Altos

After so long in isolation, the office dynamic has undergone a transformation, and so should your office space. After working from home, we’ve grown accustomed to having everything handy—conveniently placed electrical outlets, storage aplenty, and the perfect chair-and-desk combination. The Altos wall system offers a flexible and cost-effective way to construct interior spaces that are built for change. We believe that you can make your office “future proof” by moving from traditional drywall construction to a modular wall product that is designed to be moved and reconfigured as your company’s needs do. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has been to expect the unexpected and to be ready for it.

Altos is Teknion’s most flexible wall system. It is a workhorse – durable and built to last. But it’s also built to change. The system offers many options to routing power and cabling, various door and fascia types including glass, wood, laminate and fabric. This product offers you the opportunity for a substantial return on your initial investment while supporting a much more sustainable way of building at the same time!

Tek Vue

Now that the snow has thawed and the clouds have cleared, we begin our months-long race of basking in as much sunlight as possible before the next winter season. Unfortunately, natural light tends to elude us in a traditional office. The Tek Vue office-front wall system is made of seamless glass walls that can help transform a traditional office into a beautiful space. With its single-centered glazing and thin profile frames, this interior architecture system can make any office feel open and bright.

This wall system is a gamechanger in the world of interior architecture, perfect for planning and installation within the rapidly evolving office environment. This system can be effortlessly integrated with conventional office structures as well as with existing Teknion wall installations—including Altos! As such, this universal seamless glass wall system allows you to create a personalized space that caters to you and your employees. From ceiling height, frame colour to your choice of pivot or barn door, this glass wall system offers many options to help revamp your office into a new sanctuary away from home.

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Tek Room & Tek Booth

So you’ve customized your office into a shiny, bright, and welcoming place. Of course, no office is complete without a comfortable place to do some real work! The Tek Room is a Privacy on Demand (POD) product where employees can connect for private team meetings. As with other Teknion products, this room allows for planning flexibility. It has a universal approach that suits a variety of indoor spaces—and it also suits a variety of people! Its integrated electrics are made to accommodate a broad range of ergonomic needs, with an exciting lighting system that can be infinitely dimmed according to your every whim. Accessible room and door sizes are another advantage of this POD product, ensuring that the needs of every employee are met.

It might be fun to do group work with your coworkers, or to take private breaks with your friends. But after months in quarantine, your social battery may need some time to adjust before you can be fully comfortable spending hours and hours around other people. The Tek Booth POD product is the perfect oasis for any office. Equipped with all of the necessary essentials of a Tek Room, this booth also ensures sound isolation. It’s a great place for you to take confidential calls, do some focused work, or even just unwind.

Our workspace can be a very personal thing. We spend most of our days working, and workplace conditions can make or break a happy and productive employee. Here at Open Mind, we aim to deliver products that optimize your comfort and meet your individual needs. And who knows — we might just be the thing that gets you excited about your office again!