It’s been a few months now since many of us have begun the transition from online work environments to the office. Perhaps you made some adjustments when restrictions first lifted and took some of our suggestions from previous blog posts, or perhaps you and your staff are still adapting to in-person work. At Open Mind Interiors, we want to help you make this transition as smooth as possible by providing you with the furniture, filing, and storage solutions you need to keep your employees comfortable, safe, and productive.

After nearly two years of working from home, it’s understandable that your staff might be hesitant to leave the comfort of their home offices. With the flexibility to work from their comfortable couch, favourite arm chair, or even their bed, you might be wondering how the office can compete. Well, allow us to show you!

Focus on productivity through ergonomics

We’ll make it easy for your staff to work comfortably with our array of work chairs, customizable desks, and modern and functional lounge seating.

As your staff brave the transition from their home office to your office, consider how you can adjust your office space to best support their comfort, productivity, and health. In the corporate world, there is often very little relief for our chair-bound bodies. When we commit to long days of sitting, hunching over a keyboard, and craning our necks to look up at screens, we inevitably suffer the consequences of these ergonomic risk factors. Research shows that thousands of hours of work are lost every year due to employees dealing with strain and repetitive motion musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints. So how can you provide employees with ergonomic tools that will ensure a safe and comfortable 9-5, while boosting productivity?

Upgrade your workstations

Starting with one of our high quality work chairs with comfortable cushioning, supportive arm rests, and adjustable height settings will help accommodate your employees’ individual needs and body shapes. In order to further combat aches and pains, these chairs allow for multiple ergonomically-appropriate seating positions. Our ergonomic chairs provide optimal support and minimize discomfort, allowing your employees to simulate the comfort of their home office, while remaining productive and engaged.

Step two is to consider upgrading your desk workspaces. Open Mind Interiors offers a variety of functional and aesthetically appealing desks that can be customized to turn any room into the ideal work environment. In addition to our versatile desk designs, we offer a selection of adjustable desk accessories that will effectively combine your office technology with our furniture to create the ideal ergonomic workspace for your staff. Put it all together and your staff won’t be able to resist settling into their new and improved workstation. There’s no need to compete with home offices when your employees know they can be more productive and comfortable at the worksite.

Break time? Relax in Style!

It’s no secret that we have all enjoyed an extra nap or snack break throughout the lockdown workday and there’s no shame in taking a well-deserved break. Allow your employees to catch up with their colleagues and recharge in your staff rooms with our assortment of modular tables and seating. And entice your customers and clients with modern, stylish lounge chairs that balance comfort and aesthetic. Our creative lounge seating designs will brighten up your space, spark a connection, and show your staff and clients that their comfort matters.

An office makeover may seem intimidating but we are here to help you. At Open Mind Interiors, it is our pleasure to guide you through the design process. Simply contact us to set up a consultation and we can begin to transform your office into a workplace that everyone is excited to return to.