Unlike traditional contract furniture, Teknion Routes has been created to provide the bare necessities to create a pop-up work space just about anywhere.  Designed in partnership with Pearson Lloyd, Routes is a collection that answers the questions “What do we need, really need, to work efficiently and well?”Teknion routes furniture

Let’s take a look at what brings Routes to life.

Routes is a collection made up of furniture, lighting and accessories.  Everything was designed for familiarity, simplicity and ease of use.  The goal of the collection is to allow one to build up the tools and products needed to create a pop up workspace just about anywhere.  Teknion Routes can be used in the far corner of a large corporate expanse, or in your own bedroom as a professional home office.  There are no boundaries.  Make any space your own work space.

Teknion routes privacy screen and furniture

The collection inspires one to collaborate and think outside the traditional methods.  Feel like working in a rocking chair? Go for it!

Looking to utilize that unused corner of your office? Turn it into a collaboration station.  Want more out of your home office? Try adding a project board, lap top table or adjustable side table for your morning coffee.  All items are meant to bring work place form and function wherever you need it.

What’s included in the collection?

  • Tables
  • Chairs, Stools,
  • Soft Seating
  • Lighting
  • Accessories
  • Storage

With a bold and playful use of colour, have fun and make the space your own.

Routes work board and counter height table

More than just a clever name, the collection allows you to find your ideal “route” to complete your task.  The idea is to encourage users to use the furniture as a mobile work tool where you are free to use find your a pathway to the finish line.

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