What comes to mind when you imagine your ideal workplace? Whether it’s a bright and colourful open-concept or a series of sleek, private offices, Open Mind has many options to satisfy you, your workers, and your customers.

One thing you may underestimate in your quest to build the perfect commercial space is the value of a great floor. The carpet tiles we offer through our exclusive pairing with Interface could just be the final touch that pulls your office together. With all the comfort of the commonplace broadloom carpet, and all the functionality of a flat, durable floor, these carpet tiles won’t leave you wanting more.

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The Upkeep

Carpet is a flooring choice that many people prefer—and for good reason!

  • Carpets capture dirt right at the entryway, so you don’t track debris all throughout the office.
  • Most grit is easily cleaned up with a vacuum.
  • In comparison to hardwood floors, it’s harder to scratch carpet when you’re rearranging heavy furniture.
  • Carpets dampen sound, which can help with productivity in a noisy office space.
  • At the height of a brutal, freezing Canadian winter, carpets can provide some much-needed warmth.

Carpet tiles offer all the same advantages as traditional carpets, with a few added bonuses. A common concern with placing carpet in a high-traffic area is the replacement cost. Imagine having to tear up the whole floor just to replace one small area of damage! Fortunately, these high-quality tiles are durable enough to survive anything from the muddy slush of winter to spilled coffee stains. And even if you do somehow manage to scuff up the carpet, you can just replace the affected tiles! They’re easy to remove and easy to install, providing a cost-effective solution to wear and tear. Plus, they offer an effective and long-term warranty, for your absolute peace of mind.

The Look

Let’s do a word association: “commercial environment.” It doesn’t exactly inspire feelings of comfort and serenity, does it? Luckily, carpet tiles are a great way to introduce some vibrance and creativity into your workplace. Here at Open Mind, we offer a variety of Interface carpet tiles to choose from, ranging in module size, design, and colour scheme. Individual tiles allow you to customize your commercial environment to create a look that brings you comfort.

A comfortable, productive commercial environment must also have enough light to keep employees happy and alert. A common advantage of hardwood floors is that they provide an open and bright feel to an office space. Our high light reflecting value (LRV) carpet tiles can provide the same advantage, reducing the need for the abrasive artificial lights often found in offices.

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The Environment

If you care about going green, our Interface carpet tiles make it easy. The entire lifecycle of these carpet tiles is carbon neutral, making Interface an industry leader in carbon footprint reduction.

Carpet tiles can also improve the health of your indoor environment. The release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from flooring tiles is not uncommon, and these airborne chemicals can seriously damage your long-term health. In contrast, many of the Interface carpet tiles, such as those in the Conscient Collection, can improve your air quality. VOC emission from these carpet tiles is virtually zero, and they also trap microscopic dust particles that can be harmful upon inhalation.

The Versatility

So far, we’ve established that carpet tiles are a great choice for creating a clean, beautiful, and low-waste commercial space. However, not all business environments are suitable for carpets, and you may be thinking about how you can balance a comfortable workspace with the need for other flooring options. The good news is, you can have the best of both worlds! 

The Interface luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can integrate seamlessly with carpet tiles, allowing you to further customize the flow and look of your commercial space. You can create cohesive transitions between carpet tiles in the hallways and boardroom, to LVT in the lunchroom and kitchenette.

With a combination of carpet tiles and LVTs, there are endless ways to design your commercial space. Whether you want it to be colourful or comfortable or simply safe to breathe in, Open Mind Interiors offers it all. If you want to learn more about your flooring options, check out our Commercial Flooring selection, or you can contact us with any and all of your interior design queries.