Daylight is dwindling, the leaves are changing colour, and businesses are busy marketing pumpkin spice. That can only mean one thing – autumn is approaching! For many offices, this marks the dawn of a busy season. With fewer and fewer restrictions, offices will be the most crowded they’ve been in years. We at Open Mind Interiors want to help your office run smoothly. Here are five architectural products that will ensure that employees feel comfortable, productive, and safe in the workplace!

tek vue architectural products

1. Altos

After years of being isolated in our homes, we are all itching for a change. Teknion’s modular wall products, offered by Open Mind, are perfect for an evolving office space. The Teknion Altos wall system is a modular product that can be moved and reconfigured at any time, to change the look and function of your office. This alternative to building interior space with traditional drywall is a durable, long-lasting, and sustainable solution that can keep up with any dynamic environment. It offers multiple door and fascia types including glass, wood, laminate, and acoustic fabric while also providing options to route power and cabling where you need it. In an uncertain world where the requirements of each office are subject to change, this system is a must-have.

2. Tek Vue

Although office demands change with the seasons, the seasons themselves remain reliable! With autumn approaching, less natural light will permeate our office spaces, which can hamper productivity and morale. Teknion’s Tek Vue wall system can change the world of interior architecture. This office-front system is made of seamless glass with single-centered glazing and thin profile frames – it’s made to brighten up your workspace! It can also be planned and installed to effortlessly integrate with existing office structures, including other Teknion wall systems and even existing drywall structures. As such, this universal wall system offers many opportunities to add a sense of transparency and give the entire office the “right to light”.

office hallway architectural products

Tek Booth office architectural product

3. Tek Booth

Every employee deserves a space where they can feel focused and productive. The Teknion Tek Booth is the perfect place to do some work away from the chatter of a newly-crowded office. Its most enticing feature is that it offers sound isolation to keep calls confidential while shutting out distracting noises. This booth is also comfortable and ergonomic, with integrated electrics and adjustable lighting. It offers accessible room and door sizes to accommodate every employee!

4. Panels and Dividers

Acoustic panels come in many shapes, colours, and sizes, allowing you to customize your workspace while also reducing unwanted noise. Dividers absorb sound while also creating a sense of flow and personal space reminiscent of the home office!

Acoustic dividers for work place sound privacy

office lounge architectural products

5. Carpet Tiles

Panels and dividers may reduce ambient noise, but they do a much better job of it with the aid of carpet tiles. Carpet tiles can help increase productivity in the office by dampening sound and providing more warmth than other flooring options. Carpet tiles with high light reflecting value (LRV) can also make a space feel brighter. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and ultimately helps improve an employee’s mood and their ability to focus.

After so many global changes, the office should be a sanctuary of comfort and productivity that everyone can rely on. Open Mind Interiors can help anyone thrive in their workplace! Check out our website for more information on our architectural products, acoustic products, and flooring options. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.